5 Amazing Tools To Help You Create Engaging Headlines

Posted at 18:06 on 24/06/2020

5 Amazing Tools To Help You Create Engaging Headlines - Hotcopy

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When you discover an article or a story, how do you decide whether to read on? Yes, you guessed it right - the headline makes all the difference! For those into content writing in Malaysia, knowing how to write good headlines is a must-have skill.

Headlines keep the digital world buzzing by helping people discover and share stories on social networks. As a community manager, content creator, or social influencer, you are responsible for crafting content that engages your audience. Crafting a catchy headline is a necessary skill because people read articles with thoughtful headlines.


In this article, learn how to craft headlines that leave the readers wanting more. With hacks, content writing tools, and techniques, make your job of generating headlines as easy as the few clicks of a mouse.

Crafting content is a creative endeavor, but in this age of big data, analytics can make your job easier. By reviewing the traffic stats of stories that consistently get the most views, content analytics tools help craft headlines that could help your business make deep connections with the audience.

There is an abundance of content writing tools online, and some of them are designed to achieve the same objectives: how to write good headlines. Check out the following tools, which are designed to help you create the perfect headline each time you publish a story.

It is not enough to discover a unique headline, but it is also vital to review the headline quality as well, so the presentation has a lasting impression on the mind of your reader.

Use the following content writing tools to generate headlines and analyze headline quality before you go live.

Headline Generators

Headline ideas are based on data for titles from knowledge repositories. Besides engaging the audience, the titles also help search engines categorize online content. Browse through the titles generated by these tools to discover a headline appropriate for your story. Each of these tools includes a search box for keywords and/or additional qualifiers. For best results, fill in all the fields.


Prozely offers a blog title generator, which creates topics for you to consider as part of your headline research.


SEOPressor offers a title or ideas generator tool as well. You can review the title ideas for inspiration or for finding an appropriate headline.


Find headline ideas for your content by entering details about the story with TweakYourBiz. The tool makes recommendations such as bests, how-tos, lists, questions, and more. Title ideas within each of these categories are thought-provoking as they shed light on consumer likes and content discovery opportunities.

Headline Analyzers

As part of the process, you should analyze the headline, so the content is engaging for your audience. These headline analyzing tools from the Advanced Marketing Institute and ShareThrough provide a good understanding of the engagement potential.

Advanced Marketing Institute

Get a feel for the emotional marketing value of a headline with this headline analyzer tool from Advanced Marketing Institute, which provides insights on the emotional reach of the headline. For business topics, a neutral headline or title is adequate, but some products and services could benefit from a deeper emotional appeal.


ShareThrough provides a headline quality score based on engagement and impression. Besides the potential for human connection, the score suggests the opportunity for brand discovery. Aim for above-average scores for the headline to drive traffic as well as engagement for the story.

As an example, for how these tools can make your life easier, consider the following headline: 5 Must-Have Tools For Crafting Headlines Like Fox News To Keep The Audience On The Edge Of Their Seats. Using insights generated by the tools for headlines and ideas, this headline is in three parts. The first part, "5 Must-Have Tools For Crafting Headlines," has the main topic. The second part, "Like Fox News," has a tag and comparison to the world's leading news provider. The third part, "To Keep The Audience On The Edge Of Their Seats," has a reaction for the audience. The title achieved a headline quality score of 100, with an emotional marketing value of 47.



For the best results, engage all the content writing tools together as they are very easy to use, and they make content writing in Malaysia effective. These tools not only help craft headlines but also help incorporate relevant topics your audience finds insightful.

And, of course, if you’re looking for an agency to write engaging headlines, do not hesitate to reach out to Hotcopy. 😊

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