How to Create Amazing Content for Your Gen Z Malaysian Audience

Posted at 10:00 on 05/02/2020

How to Create Amazing Content for Your Gen Z Malaysian Audience - Hotcopy

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Millennials were once the hottest audience until Gen Z arrived. If you’re a content creator finding your target audience, it’s worth knowing that Gen Z is a sustainable target market.

McKinsey predicts Gen Z will constitute 25 percent of Asia's population by 2025. In a separate study, the consulting firm highlighted that Gen Zs are brand-conscious followers. Across Asia-Pacific, they are 20 percent more likely to try out new brands and products than millennials do, and they won’t be loyal to brands that don’t deliver.

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But creating content for Generation Z isn’t that simple. The goal of marketing your content to a Gen Z audience is to keep them engaged. So, how are you going to attract these digital natives who grew up in the era of technology?

For this particular audience, here are content marketing strategies that work:

Master social media content creation

Among all the generations, Gen Zs are the least likely ones to check their emails, so you might want to let your email campaigns take a back seat. Instead, focus on creating content for social media.

A 2018 Nielsen survey reveals 71-percent of Malaysian Gen Zs get their news from social media. Some obtain news from TV and their friends via instant messaging. Since the majority of them turn to social media for information, use it as a platform for promoting your content.

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Take note that millennials and Gen Zs consume news differently. Millennials and older generations use Facebook more than Gen Z. However, for your target audience, YouTube is the most important news source. In addition to YouTube, they also turn to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information and, of course, entertainment.

If you’re new to social media content creation, spend some time selecting the channels before publishing your first post. For social media content ideas, you can start by conducting a quick survey about what your audience would like to see.

Use videos, graphics, and images

Any blog post will be boring without videos and images. To turn your content from boring to brilliant, it's not enough to simply use stunning photos and high-quality videos.

It’s worth noting that Gen Zs communicate with images like emojis, stickers, GIFs, and memes, so you might want to include them the next time you share something on social media.

Aside from images, it’s also best to include short videos in your post. Videos that are fun, inspiring, and informative are more likely to be shared by your Gen Z audience.

There are different video types that you can include in your content. The most common types are how-to and educational videos. By creating a how-to video related to your brand, you’re providing your Gen Z audience valuable information in a medium that they prefer.

How many videos or images should you include in your content? That depends on the length of your post, but ideally, it should have four to six images in them.

Prioritize customer experience in your marketing strategy

Gen Zs can spend hours playing games online. While that seems like a waste of time, especially for older generations, they believe that they learn valuable life lessons and social skills by playing online games.

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Gen Z craves experiences. It can be anything that allows them to interact with others or to learn a new skill. Dubbed as the most diverse of all generations, Gen Zs are after personalized experiences, so brands should focus on making their campaigns more relatable.

To level up your targeted content marketing strategies, you may use tech in providing valuable experience for your Gen Z audience. You may develop a game as part of your next strategy.

This is likely to work if you’re targeting Gen Z because there’s a big chance they will participate in an online game for a brand campaign.

Keep your content short and simple

Gen Zs have a lower attention span compared to millennials. One study reveals that Gen Zs only have an eight-second attention span on average. Given that fact, long-form content is not going to appeal to them.

If you want your modern readers to finish reading your content until the end, prioritize quality over quantity. Create compelling headlines because most Gen Zs rely on the headline before sharing an article on their feed.

When it comes to language, these Post-Millennials are not a huge fan of formal words. Instead, they have their own sets of technical jargon that they like to use.

They use many slang words, and including them in your content will make it so lit! Some of their favorite slang words are “yikes,” “der,” and “pisang.”

Ever read these words from a Gen Z? Cracking their code will help you understand them better.

Turn to influencers for content creation

Gen Z is the most influencer-loving generation. Because they are least likely to believe in traditional marketing ploys, they prefer influencer marketing more than advertising marketing.

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Remember, Gen Zs are realists and they can sense when you’re in it just for the money. And when it comes to influencers, they don’t just look up to someone who has the largest following or the most likes on Facebook.

They prefer someone who is authentic and relatable - someone who can fit in their bubble. The best influencer for them is somebody they can relate to.

The rise of influencer marketing in Malaysia is evident in the emergence of “new celebrities” or macro-influencers. Some of the country’s youngest influencers include Nicole Tan, Tiffany, Leong, and Cupcake Aisyah. These young influencers are just ordinary people who gained popularity out of sharing their passion.


Marketing to millennials and Generation Z require different strategies. They have unique ways of consuming content and they have distinct views on things.

The subtle differences between these two generations will help you get to know more about Gen Z: who they are, what they want, and what appeals to them. That will give you an idea of how to plan your content marketing campaign successfully.

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