6 Secret Ranking Factors Behind Long-Form Content [Bookmark This!]

If you're here reading this, you're probably on the search for the elusive answer to the question,

"Do longer content rank better?" 

Many leading marketers have had their own say on this but here, we believe that if you want to hear the gospel truth, you have to go straight to the horse's mouth.

In this case, it's dear ol' Uncle G - Google himself.

Despite what all these figures and thought leaders may have shared, the answer to this question lies with no one but Google itself.


Google is the quintessential Gatekeeper of the Internet and hence, controls much of how the content on the Internet is delivered to the right searchers. So you bet your dollar that Uncle G knows best.

So what does Google have to say about long-form content and why it ranks better?

That it definitely has clear advantages over others.

In this blog post, we break down everything Google has ever said about why long-form content works best for SEO and how they help Google deliver the right content to the right person every time.

Google says long-form content ranks better because...

1. "More In-Depth = Better Content"

Long-form blog posts are more in-depth which means they are usually of higher quality. Now, more than ever, quality is the reigning deciding factor when it comes to SEO.

But what makes "quality" content?

First, combine quality with quantity and you will be off to a great start.


Then add a range of multimedia like graphics and videos for variety.

Lastly, give complete answers to the searcher's intent and query. This means leaving no stone unturned when writing your content.

If the searcher has no further questions by the time they finish reading the blog post, it's a good sign that your blog post is of high quality and in-depth.

2. "Leave Us More Clues"


More content means more clues for Google. When your post gets indexed by Google, it has to provide as many clues as possible to help Google determine what your post is all about.

Google crawls through your content, the keywords, and the images.

Naturally, if your post is long, Google has more material to work with. And that is a very good thing as far as SEO is concerned.

3. "Go Forth And Share"

Long blog posts have the attribute of shareability.


This means that people are more likely to share a post with their friends if it’s longer and more in-depth with its content.

There’s a reason why long-form journalism is an institution in the media. It’s the foundation of reputation and respectability in the industry.

The same concept can be applied to online content marketing. People will deem your content reputable if you regularly churn out long and in-depth articles.

4. "More Chances of Going Viral"

Long posts have higher chances of going viral.


It’s worth mentioning here that social media chatter also plays a role in SEO. The major search engines now take into account social media likes and shares to determine a website’s ranking in the search results.

For instance, if you have a blog post that goes viral on Facebook, this helps a lot in improving the post’s presence in the search results. It receives a huge ranking boost.

5. "People Will Link To It"

Longer blog posts get more organic backlinks.

I’m sure you have experienced reading a really good blog post that you feel obligated to write about it in your own blog. You end up linking back to the original article. This is how organic backlinks work and they play a vital role in SEO.


In a nutshell, the more organic backlinks your blog post gets, the higher it will rank in the search results.

6. "Be Good to Thy Visitors"

Longer posts attract better engagement from readers.

Engagement can be in the form of comments on the article itself or shares on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Better engagement leads to more traffic going to your blog post.

This, in turn, triggers Google’s algorithm and provides the search engine with a sign that people are digging your article and that it should rank higher in the search results.

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