These 8 Free Tools Will Help You Write Like an SEO Pro [2018 Update]


If you’ve been in the content writing circuit for a while, you’ve probably come across job ads for “SEO content writers” or had a client ask you: “Do you know how to write SEO content for websites?”But if you’re new to content writing, you probably find the idea of SEO really overwhelming.

Keyword research? Meta description? Latent semantic index?

Just what is SEO copywriting? Aren’t those reserved for SEO professionals?

The truth is:

If you’re writing anything that’s going to be published on the Internet, you need to know how to write SEO content.

No compromises.

But because there are so many technical aspects to SEO, even seasoned content writers still need some help perfecting their content.

So just how do they do it?

They get help from online SEO copywriting tools to craft the perfect SEO content.

Some of these are so good, they are unbelievablyfree to use. In fact, some of them work even better than paid tools!

No matter whether you’re a new writer or a professional, if you’re keen to start creating content like an SEO pro, these tools are going to change your life.

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1. SEOReviewTools’ Content Analysis Tool

seo copywriting tools content analysis 1

SEO is an integral part of content writing but there hasn’t been a decent (let alone free) tool created for content writers to accurately measure how well-optimized their content is.

That’s why when we came across this little gem, we knew it was probably the best SEO content analysis tool out there yet.

Best of all - it’s free.

This new analysis tool solves some of the most common SEO problems and more:

  • It’s a standalone tool, which means you don’t need to sign up (unless you want to) or add any plugins to use it. In fact, you can write directly on the interface and it automatically calculates your SEO score as you write.
seo copywriting tools content analysis 2
  • It scores your content from 0 to 100.
  • It gives you suggestions for improvements to the content, title, and meta description.
seo copywriting tools content analysis 3
  • It works exactly like Yoast SEO plugin on Wordpress but better.

As a general rule:

  • Standard writers should aim for an SEO score of 70 and above.
  • Professional content marketers should aim for 80 and above.

2. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

seo copywriting tools headline analyzer 3

This is an oldie but a goodie.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer has been around for some time now but is still one of the most preferred headline tools out there for a number of reasons:

  • It gives you a comprehensive breakdown analysis of your headline, including an overall 0 to 100 score.
seo copywriting tools headline analyzer 2
  • It shows your headline history so you can keep track of the different headline versions you’ve tried.
seo copywriting tools headline analyzer 1
  • It gives you a preview of your headline as they would appear in SERPs, and previews email subject lines so you’ll know if your fabulous headline is going to be truncated when it arrives in the recipient’s inbox (*cries*).
  • Best of all, it gives you easy-to-follow suggestions on how to improve your headline.

3. Readability Score Checker

Can your grandmother easily read and understand your content?

If she can’t, there’s a good chance the majority of your readers won't either.

That’s why having highly readable content matters to your target audience.

As of recent years, Google has adopted readability scores as part of SEO and will take reading ease into account when ranking content. puts your content up against various “readability metrics” - the most important being the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score.

seo copywriting tools readability score

Remember this though:

  • For a general blog post, aim for a readability score of minimum 60.
  • For more technical or business-type content, aim for a minimum of 50.

If you're interested watch our video on how to get an "A" for readability in our lengthy blog post here:

RECOMMENDED: How to Score an "A" for Readability [VIDEO]


4. SEOBook’s Keyword Density Checker

We all know this by now, but over-optimized content belongs only in the trash bin.

Seasoned content writers may have developed an instinct for avoiding keyword overuse, but a little bit of help from a keyword density checker wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it eliminates any human errors.

Plug your content into the text field and click ‘Submit’.

seo copywriting tools keyword density checker

The tool then returns the density (in percentage) of all the words in your text.

For your top keywords, aim for a density of below 4%.

If you’re still new with keywords, we’ve written a blog post that gives you an in-depth explanation on how to apply keywords to your content without over-optimizing!

Open link in new tab to read later:

The Content Writer's Ultimate Keyword Guide [Checklist]

5.’s SEO Copywriting Techniques

Yup, SEO is so integral to online content that it has its own copywriting techniques.

To advanced content writers, it isn’t enough to just understand how to use keywords - you need to know how to attract, persuade and inspire readers. is run by marketer extraordinaire Brian Dean and it is the blog to go to for SEO and content marketing tips.

seo copywriting tools guide

If you search Google for “seo copywriting,” his blog dominates the top of the results. So this guy knows what he’s talking about.

In his blog post, he reveals (and keeps on updating!) some of the most powerful SEO copywriting tips you should use.

Some of his best-kept techniques:

  • Bucket Brigades to increase time spent on site
  • Latent Semantic Index to make Google-friendly content
  • Modifiers in your headline to get hyper-targeted visitors

So if he says “follow these copywriting tips,” you’ll want to get on board.

6. CoSchedule’s Social Message Optimizer

Congratulations, you’ve just hit the ‘Publish’ button on another stellar piece of content!

Now you can finally sit back and relax, right?


Part of a content writer’s work is crafting powerful social messages to market your content.

So the next time a client asks if you can write social media messages to go with your content, you can finally say yes with CoSchedule’s Social Message Optimizer.

seo copywriting tools social message optimizer

This tool is fantastic because:

  • It works for almost every social network there is.
seo copywriting tools social message optimizer 2
  • It scores your social message from 0 to 100, which is always helpful.
  • It gives an in-depth overview of your message’s analysis, including sentiment score, best days and times to post, and whether you should include a hashtag or an emoji for best results.

The best part?

You can use it to show clients why your social messages work.

7. Portent’s SERP Preview Tool

What it is:

It’s a tool that previews Google’s search engine results page. (Ha ha.)

Jokes aside, the tool actually helps you see your title and meta description as it would appear on the results page.

But you can’t just write a title and meta description as you please - Google has specific guidelines for these:

  • Titles should be no more than 600 pixels wide.
  • Meta descriptions should be no more than 156 characters long. (Dec 2017 update: Google has extended meta description length to 300 words.)

Unless counting pixels and characters are your thing, you’re going to need this tool in your life.

seo copywriting tools serp preview

Fill up the title and meta fields with your page’s description and the tool automatically shows you how it would look like on the SERP.

Make sure:

  • Your description fits into the preview nicely.
  • To make full use of all the space available.
  • Try not to go above the recommended length.

8. LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator

LSI stands for “latent semantic index” and are essentially terms that are relevant to your keywords.

For content writers, LSIGraph can be used in two ways:

  1. To search for content ideas; or
  2. To find relevant keywords for use in your content

Take, for example:

To write this article you’re reading, I searched for “best tools for content writers”.

seo copywriting tools lsigraph 01

LSIGraph then returns a list of popular relevant keywords to my search term. This immediately provides me with natural, relevant keywords to include in my content.

When you’ve created your cornerstone (most important) content, you can then use LSI keywords to create supporting content that links to it.

Do you find any of these tools helpful?

So now, tell me:

Have you used any of these SEO copywriting tools before? If yes, do you find them helpful to create the perfect SEO content?

And more importantly: Have you discovered one that you’d like to add to this list?

Let us know with a quick comment below! We may update this list with your suggestions and of course, credit you for the share.

Thanks and good luck!