8 Websites to Satisfy the Grammar Nerd in You

8 Websites to Satisfy the Grammar Nerd in You 1.jpg

For word nerds, grammar isn’t a chore; it’s an enjoyable past time. They secretly enjoy correcting you and can often be found responding with a self-gratifying and unwelcomed quip to what’s possibly an honest typo. If you're often at the receiving end of this predicament, bookmark these nine grammar websites now to bring out the grammar nerd in you; or if you are one, we suspect you’ll find these to be most, if not oddly, satisfying.

Here are the 8 best grammar websites out there:

1. Writing Forward

“Write on, shine on!” is the motto of this blog. Created by a writer passionate about his craft, Writing Forward provides lots of articles about grammar and creative writing. All writers will be able to use the advice offered on inspiring creativity. For those who need to brush up their grammar skills, there are writing and grammar exercises provided.

2. Grammarly

This unique website is actually an automated proofreader and grammar coach. It's a snap to copy and paste your content into Grammarly and then let it check for spelling and grammar errors. Not only will it review your text to help you create your best work, it also checks for plagiarism by checking your writing against more than eight billion documents. Every writer can benefit from the editing Grammarly provides. It’s free to download, but you can upgrade to a more comprehensive version for about $20.

3. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

This is a helpful site featuring more than 200 free writing resources including English as a second language. Content creators can hone their knowledge of grammar and writing mechanics and even explore a variety of writing styles. If you have a question about grammar, you can also send a message to OWL's mail tutors.

4. Grammarphobia

Grammarphobia is a blog co-authored by Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman. They have both written several books about the English language and between them share half a century of experience writing and editing. At Grammarphobia, they offer posts about grammar, etymology, language usage and more, in an easy-to-understand question and answer format filled with examples of use.

5. Daily Grammar

If you would like to brush up on your grammar skills, this is the site to visit. Daily Grammar provides a fun, easy way to learn grammar by simplifying complex grammar subjects. You’ll find loads of simple lessons and quizzes, and you'll learn something new daily when you sign up for their daily grammar newsletter.

6. English Grammar Secrets

Subscribe for a free account with English Grammar Secrets and you’ll receive a daily English grammar lesson delivered directly to your email. Topics are in-depth and include punctuation, business writing, prepositions and more. When you’ve finished a lesson, take part in their exercise the site automatically checks and gives you the results.

7. Grammar Girl

If you want a fun website that provides tips and tricks about writing, then you’ve found it at Grammar Girl. This award-winning site offers help with punctuation, word usage, grammar and more. Use the helpful writing hints and grammar exercises to improve your writing. Subscribe to the free newsletter or listen to the podcast for some quick and dirty tips.

8. Grammar Book

This site was created by Jane Straus, author of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. The informative website provides free information about grammar rules, fun quizzes, and a blog. Pick up on some of the more common English usage rules categorized by grammar, punctuation, and other good-to-know rules.

So did you bookmark any? Do you have your own favorite grammar website to share? Sound off in the comments below!