Why High Paying Landing Pages Will Make You a Rock Star Writer

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Want to be paid hundreds of dollars for one page of copy? Show clients that you can create high paying landing pages and you could be steeped in work for the next year. Because what do clients want? They want results.

Landing pages are often a single page with clear, straightforward copy and one call to action. With one clear goal on a landing page, there’s no question if your copy is working or not.

Imagine including a client's testimonial on your website, one that says you increased their conversion exponentially?

It would prove to other clients and future clients that your copy brings results. With a testimonial like that, it’ll be easier to land better, higher paying jobs.

You can be earning thousands of dollars for writing one page.

It might seem like billing more for less work. But the truth is, you're really billing for smart work. And there are people out there who can see the value in that.

After all, it’s in their best interest to do so.

Why landing pages are the new 'hot' content among writers

Here’s an example. The client, a self-help guru, has a current conversion rate of 3% on their landing page. They sell a course and at their current rate, they're getting around $15,000 a month.

Enter a high-performing content writer. The client hires him and says "I want to increase my sales to 6% a month." The writer then calculates a (most optimum) fee structure to turn up profits for the client.

The writer delivers a high paying landing page, their conversion rate goes up to 6%. You’ve doubled their rate, which means you’ve also increased their revenue to $30,000 a month. But if the content keeps on doing its job (raking in conversions), the client could potentially make up to $360,000 a year.

For this kind of results, can you see why clients are willing to pay you thousands for an effective landing page?

But first - what is a landing page, really?

A landing page is commonly a separate page for leads to “land” on, with no navigational links to your main website and with one clear goal.

The goal can be to capture a customer’s information with a form. Or it could be to lead them to act on a single offer (like download an e-book, sign up for a course, or attend an event.)

Landing pages are defined by their laser-sharp focus. The most effective landing pages are bold and get straight to the point. They don’t confuse the visitor, instead, immediately the visitor knows what the offer is and why it will benefit them.

Homepages often have multiple links, call to actions, and diverge into separate topics. Landing pages typically only focus on one offer.

There are usually not multiple links, but this can depend on the web design. There is usually only one call to action or form. Landing pages focus only on one topic, and the copy makes sure that the benefits to the reader are crystal clear.

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How to write an effective landing page

1. Write for your audience

The best marketers know who they’re writing to.

You should know your audience’s...

  • pain points
  • their greatest needs
  • and what you’ll offer as a solution

But you don’t need to stop there. You could get into the mind of your audience. Learn their language. Put yourself in their shoes. Understand their day-to-day life. Research will help you unearth the most critical information for your copy.

Look at what LeadPages has used for their landing page.

In particular, the copy on the left side. It shows specifics of their landing page service.

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You can bet they’ve determined what benefits, like A/B testing and Drag & Drop Customization, are important to their potential customers.

You should determine the biggest benefits to your audience and deliver the same.

2. Follow a formula

Formulas are helpful. For one, if you’re new, you have some place to start.

Or if you’re struggling to write your landing page masterpiece, it could be that you just might need to go back to the old standard.

The standard form of a landing page typically contains:

  • a headline
  • an outline of benefits
  • testimonials
  • a CTA

For the headline, you want to get their attention, but you also want to be specific on what benefit your customer is receiving.

We’ve written an in-depth guide on how to create magnetic headlines. It will be of use to you in writing landing page headlines as well.

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The outline of benefits is where you go into greater detail. This is usually the wordiest part of your landing page, but you can break it apart with page elements or images.

Here, you need to open up and detail how your service will work. Your landing page should still be one page, so don’t go overboard.

You’ll need to cut down your copy and decide what most effectively outlines the benefits because you can’t put everything in there, or you’ll bog down your reader and they’ll never get to the CTA.

For the testimonial and CTA section, read ahead.

But first, let’s talk about how you need to write every section to create an effective landing page.

3. Be clear and succinct

The best copy for landing pages is concise and simple. It speaks directly to the customer, because with a landing page, you only have a few words to convey why they need your offer.

Your copy should sound natural. It should explain in clear terms the tangible benefits a customer will receive.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that visitors know everything about your site already. Often, visitors will be brand new. They’ll be at the beginning of your sales funnel.

Which means you need to avoid general, vague terms.

For example, copy for a real estate marketing tool that claims it will, “Grow your real estate business” sounds nice, but it’s vague, and to many, not useful.

A better piece of copy would be, “Our real estate AI delivers thousands of leads every day.”

It’s clear what the offer is—access to an AI that will give you the tangible benefit of quality-sourced leads.

If you can, use specific numbers as well.

Copy that says, “Our house cleaners service many homes in the area” is okay.

It sounds more legitimate if you use facts to back yourself up, like this: “Our house cleaners service 3,021 homes in Singapore's East Coast.”

Always keep in mind what the benefit is to your customer. Then tell them, concisely and simply, on your landing page.

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4. Offer Testimonials

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation

Let’s break that down into simpler terms: others influence our purchasing behavior.

For many, seeing lots of great reviews for a product makes it easier to purchase. Ever been to a store and because it was busy, it made you feel like the store was somehow better?

That’s the phenomena of social proof.

Social proof is powerful.

It’s even more important on the internet. Over the internet, it’s easier for us to be scammed, for businesses to lie to us.

To have others trust your testimonials, you can use…

  • A picture.
  • Their full name.
  • An influencer in your industry.
  • A video.
  • A link to their website.
  • A quote that is specific to your offer.
  • A quote that references exact numbers.

Any of these options will help visitors trust your testimonials are real.

Like with the rest of your copy, keep it highly relevant and specific. Short, to the point copy that drives home the benefits works best.

Here’s a wonderful example from Unbounce.com, a landing page provider.

We've booked almost $1 million in personal loans from Bankrate since launching that lead source on 10/2/14."

- Jack Nick, First Midwest Bank”

You have a clear benefit, a real name, specific numbers, and the company name as well.

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5. Use a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Instead of the simple, over-used “Click here” what if you used something different? This is your last chance to persuade with your copy. Now is not the time to hold back any punches.

Instead of a standard CTA, you could use one that strikes your visitor in one of their pain points and offers them a solution. And don’t forget the copy that surrounds your CTA. Use it to further explain why it’s imperative that they act.

Some examples of other buttons that are more in your face…

  • Sign up for free
  • Try it for free
  • Sign up today
  • Unlimited access for $15
  • Try it now
  • See how [company name] can grow your business

Whatever you end up using, don’t let it get too out of control. You want it to flow nicely. A short, snappy sentence will be read with more authority than one that customers stumble over to get through.

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Examples of effective landing pages

Writing landing pages is an art unto itself. But by following these simple rules you can pick up a valuable skill, one that clients will pay a lot of money for.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a better writer and really help businesses grow, you can take a leap ahead by learning how to write more effective landing pages.

Landing pages are one major source of advertising traffic. Which means if you can increase the conversion rate by even 2%, you could be potentially doubling a company’s revenue.

That 2% sounds a lot more important now, doesn’t it?

Search Engine Land did research on landing page conversions. They found that the average rate of conversion is 2.35%.

Yet - and this is promising - the top percentage of landing pages were converting at over 5%.

So, there’s a lot of opportunities there if you can hone your skills.

Below you can find more examples of effective landing pages. Analyze them with the tips above. See how their writing is clear and concise and notice the different ways they outline their benefits.

That all sounds great - but how do you know your copy actually works?

While all this sounds wonderful, you can't promise clients results you can't deliver. Before you jump into landing page copywriting, make sure that you are actually able to achieve the results you promise.

How can you do this?

Start doing tests yourself. There are plenty of online tools (mostly landing page builders) you can use that lets you create stunning landing pages without knowing any code.

The best part? The tools all have ready-made, built-in features that captures every visitor, every view, every click, and every conversion for you. Some even have mouse detection and heat mapping technology.

The most importantly, they give you a taste of landing page creation and lets you run tests without too many commitments.

Some of our favorites:

  • Unbounce: Unbounce makes it so easy. They have powerful tools readily embedded into their software that lets you build gorgeous landing pages in minutes, with a host of integrations that works with popular marketing tools like MailChimp and more. Also includes A/B testing capabilities and analytics.
  • LeadPages: Similar to Unbounce.
  • LanderApp: If you're easily intimidated with jam-packed features, LanderApp is a lite and easy-to-use version of most popular landing page builders out there.

Remember: all the above offer a free trial, so take advantage of it!

Your turn as an effective landing page copywriter

Landing page copywriters will have plenty of work for themselves in the future. And if they’re able to increase their conversion rate from the standard 2%, their skills will be in high demand.

Just imagine saying this to a potential client one day:

"With some major improvements to your current copy, I can potentially increase your sales by X% by the end of your first quarter."

Now, that's a real proposition.