Why Holiday Campaigns Are a Content Writing Gold Mine [3 Strategies]


'TIS THE SEASON TO BE... alright, alright, maybe it's too early for Christmas. But for agencies and companies around the world, holiday season campaigns can begin as early as October!

Little do content writers know, this is actually the BEST time to not only get work, but also expose yourself to campaigns, and very possibly, ongoing projects.

Companies and agencies roll out massive campaigns for the holidays every year and believe me, they need all the help they can get.

Here are three of my best tips to approach clients and make money writing for holiday season campaigns.


1. Pitch your own ideas to clients

Here's your chance to separate yourself from amateurs. Your dream clients probably have access to an enormous amount of resources and that includes freelancers. But the one thing they can't easily get is IDEAS.

Ideas are a valuable asset. Only you can come up with a unique idea with your own unique vision. So gather your ideas and develop a plan to execute it successfully.

Think about:

  • How many pieces of content should I produce for this to be successful?
  • How much would it cost my client?
  • What is the ROI?

I know what you're thinking.

I'm just a freelancer, what if the client steals my idea?

Use it to your advantage. I've had ideas stolen from me multiple times. Instead of getting upset over it (or worse - quit), I showed it to a competitor company and told them I can create the same campaign for them, but do it BETTER.

The thing with ideas is that if you're the one who came up with it, then you're the one with the VISION to execute it.

Get out there - you'd be surprised what comes back.


2. Ask About Upcoming Holiday Campaigns

If you're just low on ideas, don't hesitate to shoot an email to ask if there's anything you can do to help out for the holidays.

The year-end is the BUSIEST time of the year and there's a very high chance that they need the extra help.

Here's why:

Between November to December alone, there can be a minimum of five major campaigns they're targeting. That's:

  • Single's Day (11 Nov)
  • Thanksgiving (23 Nov)
  • Black Friday (24 Nov)
  • Cyber Monday (27 Nov)
  • Christmas (25 Dec)
  • New Year (1 Jan 2018)

That's a lot of campaigns to get right. Once you've identified WHICH campaign they need help with, start offering your special set of skills.

For example, if you're good with email copywriting, ask if you can contribute to their email marketing campaign.

If you're a fantastic copywriter, they could use your skills with ad copy.

Only insert yourself and your skills where it fits. Do not say you'll do anything and everything - it's a big sign that you've no specialized skills and worse, it means they have to figure out themselves where you fit in their campaign.

NEVER EVER make the client do the thinking for you. ALWAYS be the solution to their problem.


3. Roll Over Ideas Up To New Year (And Beyond)

I've talked about compounding content in another article where content writers can take one campaign and turn it into a series of content/s. The same principle applies here.

Christmas and New Year are only a few days apart, so companies tend to work on these campaigns concurrently.

If you're approaching clients with an idea pitch, create a template of that idea that can be applied in upcoming campaigns. Then, tell them that you can not only execute the idea for Christmas but you can also roll the idea out for New Year with data you get from the Christmas campaign.

That means you're:

  • Saving them time from coming up with a new idea.
  • Reducing their effort from hiring new freelancers for new campaigns.
  • Saving them a lot of money from launching entirely new campaigns that might or might not work.

Ladies and gentleman, this is how a rock star content writer works.

Why this tip is so great is that it secures you with ongoing work. You'll never have to think about how you're going to make money next month, or the month after that.

Secondly, every time a holiday season comes by, everyone is going to start remembering you as "that holiday campaign content writer".

So guess who they'll ask to work for them again?

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