9 Best Online Editing Tools for Perfect Content Every Time

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Researching and writing can take a toll on your mind. After hours of writing your notes out, the last thing that you want to do is proofread your work. Even if you have the time to proofread, it can be difficult to catch every mistake when you edit your own writing. Your mind naturally sees the way you intended to write a sentence instead of what you really wrote, which can make spotting errors impossible. To save time and get quick editing help, you can use these eight online editing tools. Ranging from free options to paid services, they can help you finish your paper or blog effortlessly.

Here are the 8 best online editing tools:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is able to correct up to 10 times more mistakes than the average word processor, according to its website. Once you have signed up for Grammarly, it can work with your word processor or browser to automatically edit everything that you write. It can correct verb tenses, 250+ common errors, style problems and unclear phrasing. While the basic version is offered for free, the premium version offers an additional 100 grammar and spelling checks. Sold for $11.66 per month with an annual payment, the premium option provides genre-specific editing, vocabulary suggestions and a plagiarism detector.

You can download their free Chrome extension to start perfecting your writing immediately - it'll cost you nothing!

2. The Hemingway App

Named after one of the greatest writers in history, the Hemingway App helps with adverbs, sentence length and complexity. The tool analyzes your document to see if your sentences are too complex or long. It helps you to simplify your writing and shows a readability score for each document. In essence, it is a proofreading program for style instead of spelling. The Hemingway App is always offered for free, and upgrades are provided regularly.

3. Pro-Writing Aid

Through this website, you can look for passive verbs, over-used adverbs, repetitive sentence structures and clichés. The free option can be used online and allows up to 3,000 words to be submitted at a time. For $35 per year, users can download a software program that works with writing programs like Microsoft Word. This option provides more reports and unlimited word counts. For $40 per year, you can upgrade to a premium version that allows includes a plagiarism check.

4. Slick Write

If you want a grammar checker and a program that looks for style problems, Slick Write is the one to use. It is designed for any student, novelist or blogger to use. The speedy grammar checker gives you customized feedback and tips on improving your writing. Slick Write is completely free, so it is definitely worth trying out.

5. After the Deadline

To use After the Deadline, you just have to paste your text into the box and click the “check writing” button. Afterward, the program gives you all of your style suggestions, spelling errors and grammar suggestions. Spelling suggestions are highlighted in red, and the grammar suggestions are listed in green. Meanwhile, the style suggestions are highlighted in blue. The free program uses open source technology, so you never have to pay to use it.

6. Auto Crit

Auto Crit specializes in helping novelists edit their manuscripts. It helps to save time in the editing process by quickly and efficiently proofreading your manuscript. The software is designed to spot weak portions of your writing, and a customized report is created to help you adjust the manuscript. Unfortunately, Auto Crit does not offer any free options. For $5 a month, you can analyze 1,000 words at a time as often as you want. The $8 per month option enables you to analyze up to 8,000 words at a time, and the $12 option lets you analyze an unlimited number of words.

7. Paper Rater

No one likes to download new programs to their computer. Fortunately, you do not have to download anything to use Paper Rater. With the basic version, you get a free grammar and proofreading help. The free version allows you to submit up to five pages at a time for plagiarism checks and proofreading. If you upgrade to the $7.95 per month option, you can submit up to 20 pages at a time. The paid option offers faster speeds and improved plagiarism prevention. If you're not too concerned about plagiarism and slower speeds, the free option is more than enough for the average writer.

8. Smart Edit

Smart Edit is designed to work in conjunction with Microsoft Word to provide suggestions and editing help in real time. It examines sentence structure issues, misspellings, misused words and punctuation issues as you write. If you are not sure if this program is right for you, the company offers a 10-day trial for free. Afterward, it costs a one-time fee of $57 to $67.

Rather than hire an editor or a tutor, bloggers can use a host of online editing tools to fix their writing. Although the best editing tools are still not perfect substitutes for a human editor, they can help you to spot spelling mistakes, style problems and punctuation issues. Through these programs, you can improve the quality of your writing and edit effortlessly.

9. TitleCase

Confused with how to capitalize your headlines, titles, headings, or subheadings?

TitleCase is a simple tool to convert your headlines or subheadings into appropriately capitalized titles. It works across multiple styles like AP Style, UPPERCASE, lowercase, camelCase, PacalCase, hyphen-case, snake_case, dot.case, and cases you wouldn't even think of.

Type your headlines into the text box, choose your preferred case style, and you're done!

This tool is not just great for crafting perfect headlines, it also makes naming and organizing the files and folders in your hard drive a cinch.