9 Questions to Ask an SEO Company in 2018


Your small business has one critically important link to your local market, and that is your website. Most shoppers consult the internet before making purchase decisions, and you need to have your website optimized for popular online search engines, like Google.

But, like yourself, lots of small business owners find themselves wondering how to choose the right SEO company, which likely is why you are reading this article. So that you can get the best SEO service, here are seven key questions to ask about SEO companies:

What will you do to learn about my business?

The best SEO companies for small businesses will take the time to research your business and learn its strengths, weaknesses, and online marketing needs. It will take the time to understand your customers, including their buying and relevant online search interests. That helps them to tailor an effective SEO marketing plan specifically for your small business.

How will you focus on my local market?

Learning your business and its needs means learning about your local market and how you serve it. It also means learning about your customers’ needs and addressing them with related content presented in an engaging manner to boost your website traffic among your likeliest new customers.

What’s your first step to executing SEO?

SEO companies have 101 ways to execute an SEO strategy but without an audit report, no one will know where to start. Always ask if companies if they include an audit report in their plans and packages. Even better yet, some boutique agencies will offer a free SEO audit report just to get an understanding of your current SEO health and an indication of how to proceed.

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Do you have an in-house content team or do you outsource content work?

Some companies have an in-house team to create content but others prefer to outsource the work to another company. If it is outsourced, always ask about the steps involved in the content creation process. In some cases, outsourced work may be questionable.

How will you research keywords?

You can’t reach potential new clients and customers if you are not using the right keywords. You also might find your business paying a lot of money for an ineffective SEO campaign. To maximize potential success, the best SEO firms can tell you how they will research keywords to effectively target customers and increase your relevant website traffic.

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What kind of strategy do you have for my blog?

You need to know how an SEO firm will make your blog a powerful marketing tool that informs, entertains, and sells your business. That requires a strategy, and your SEO company needs to provide you with a good one in detail. Ensure you walk out of the meeting with a clear plan in hand. Otherwise, you’ll need to insist on one.

Do you have a backlink strategy in mind?

Google and other popular online search engines love social media, blogs, and websites that have links to high-ranking and relevant third-party websites. Those include popular social media, widely known and respected news sources, esteemed national and international associations, and experts in the field. The more your blog can tap into such resources and others with an effective backlink strategy, the better your blog and website will rank on Google and other search engines.

Will you enhance the user experience?

The best SEO company will know how to keep likely customers around with engaging, relevant content in multiple media formats. You get more people interested in your business goods and services staying on your website longer. A high-quality user experience adds up to more business and better profits.

How will you measure success?

When you are choosing a good SEO company, you want one that will quantify the success. That means establishing realistic marketing goals with quantifiable results that are easy to explant and truly measure success. Over time, you can use stored data to adjust your marketing campaigns and make your SEO efforts even more effective and profitable.

Insist on answers!

If the representatives of a potential SEO service provider cannot fully answer all of the above questions, you might need to find another company. SEO is a vital part of your small business’ future success, and that success depends on a having a good, adaptable plan with measurable results.

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