4 Things Stopping You From Advancing Writer Levels

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It’s no joke. Going up the ranks is not just a myth for HotCopy’s writers – it can be done and it is serious business. You already know the advantages of going up the ranks, and you’re probably already slaying with your content. But there’s a lot more to it than just what’s on the surface.

We dig deep through hundreds of writer profiles every month to select the best writers to move up levels, and while the criteria are tough, there are always a few exceptional writers that prove to be a cut above the rest. Apart from producing amazing content, there is one other thing they all have in common: they get down to details.

It doesn’t take just great content to move up the ranks. If you’ve been wondering why you’re still stuck on the same writer level after writing dozens (even hundreds!) of pieces of content, you may have overlooked these four simple, yet clearly important, things:

1. You don't have a profile photo

Yes, a photo could make or break your progress. Higher-level writers don’t just have access to more jobs and more cents per word, but they’re also more attractive to clients because they’ve put a face to the name. We found that our clients are 90% more likely to click through to your profile and hire you for a job if you have a photo attached.

That said, don’t just stick any random photo on your profile. It should be a clear face photo of yourself that was taken recently.

2. You didn't complete your About section

A complete profile says a lot about you and we don’t just mean on a personal level. We’re more likely to upgrade writers with a well-written About section than those who leave it blank, for the simple reason that it gives us a peek at your personality, writing style and most importantly, professionalism.

Tell us your story in a few sentences and share any interesting or useful information pertinent to your writing career. Please do not include any outgoing links or give people a reason to move away from your profile – their attention is valuable!

3. You didn't set a country of residence

Did you know that clients can search for writers based on their location? By selecting a country of residence, you’re more likely to receive invites for jobs that are relevant to you. We have clients from around the world with customers/audiences from all across Asia, so by helping us to determine your location, you’re helping yourself get the most targeted jobs.

To set a country to your profile, go to your Settings page, select your preferred country from the drop-down menu, and save! If you want to widen your geographic area, fill up the Travel section of your profile. Clients may choose to include writers who have traveled to their target countries.

4. You didn't keep to deadlines

Deadlines (gasp!) are the dread of every freelance writer. Missed deadlines may not show up on your public profile but this information comes up when we need to assess writers for level reassignment. And because missed deadlines are a big offence (it’s an even bigger no-no than cancelling the jobs), we take it into serious consideration.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete a job, we recommend that you cancel it. This will send it back to the job board where other writers are able to pick it up. Don’t hold on to it if you can’t commit. It’s better to let it go than to miss your deadline.

If any of the above sound like you, it’s time to give your profile an overhaul. Always keep it up to date and try to maintain a good performance rate because remember: there’s always that risk of moving down levels too.

Have 15 minutes to spare? That’s all it takes to increase your chances for a level upgrade right now.

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