Frequently Asked Questions

Client FAQ's

I want to ask for a revision. How does this work?

Clients can request for a revision if you find that the text was not up to expectations, or that it doesn’t fulfill the criteria as laid out in the order brief. Such revision requests should come with some feedback on what you wanted changed. The writer can then revise the text as per your request, or if they are unable to fulfill the revision for whatever reason, they may release the article back onto the job board. If the writer releases it, you will not be charged for the article and you relinquish any rights to the writer’s work done up until that point.

You may request up to two revisions from the writer, after which you will have the option to reject the article within good reason.

What happens when I reject an article?

The rejected article will be forwarded to HotCopy’s editorial department for evaluation. HotCopy takes rejections seriously and will evaluate each rejection on a case-by-case basis.

If the client’s reasoning for the rejection is fair and within reason, the article (and order) is then deleted – the client will not be charged and the writer will not receive any payment for their work on the article up to that point.

However, if we find that the reasoning is not valid/cannot be justified and/or is unfair, we reserve the right to accept the article automatically – the client will be charged for cost of the article and the writer will be paid for their work up to that point.