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SEO audits are fully automated services that are run by tools and software. Many of them automatically provide suggestions on how to improve your results. If you've been paying for SEO audits, it's time to stop.

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on-page checks

✓ HTML Tags

✓ Internal Links

✓ Content Quality

✓ Mobile Friendliness

✓ Structured Data

✓ Page Speed

✓ Text Statistics

✓ Site Structure


off-page checks

✓ Social Media

✓ Backlinks

✓ Organic Presence


Why do We give Free SEO Audits?

Because we want to make the Internet a beautiful place filled with amazing and inspiring content. We cut through the clutter and noise by showing you how to rank organically with content.

For everything else, we'll show you how to do it yourself with simple and honest step-by-step guides that will save you time and money.


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