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Companies, especially multinationals, are expanding fast in the Asian region. To create a strong online presence, they capitalize on content to market their products or services. But audiences in Asia are unique, diverse and multilingual – writing for the Asian market is going to take a new class of writers.

Are you the one?

In the digital age, writers don't just write words; they are also teachers, designers, marketers and storytellers, all wrapped into one. Do you have the skills we need?

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Content writers in Malaysia - Content writers in Singapore - Content writers in the Philippines - Content writers in Indonesia - Content writers in Thailand

Not in Asia? No problem. If you are a remote content writer who have traveled to, lived in, or possess a strong interest on topics within the Asian region, apply to become a writer on HotCopy today!

  • You have native-level English language skills (even if you are not a native speaker)
  • You are well versed in optimizing content using keywords
  • You understand the objectives of content in marketing and know how to achieve it
  • You know how to create content for different stages of the buyer's journey
  • You are empathetic with your readers and able to create persuasive copy
  • You possess a strong interest on topics within the Asian region

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Work online and on your own time, whether from home or while you're travelling – perfect for freelancers, remote workers or digital nomads. You have complete freedom.

Get Hundreds of Jobs

We source the work for you so you don’t have to. There are hundreds of content writing jobs ready to be picked up every month. Choose one that you like!

We Pay Online

Our secure online payment uses PayPal for transactions, which means your earnings go directly into your account. Plus, we make payouts every week!

Get Tips and Guides

Not everyone is going to start on the same level, so we make it a point to give you all the help you need to perfect your craft with content writing tips and best practices via our blog.

Simple Approval

We’ll never tell you to ‘bid for work’ or ‘pay to access our job board’. Your only qualifier is to complete the content writing test after you sign up, and start writing after you’re approved.

Competitive Rates

You don’t get shortchanged just because you’re based in Asia. We maintain competitive rates for all writers using our platform – no matter who you are or where you’re based.

Get Paid to Write Content in 4 Steps

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Pick Up an Order

Pick up hundreds of available jobs on the Job Board, or accept jobs that clients have sent to you directly. Choose one that strikes your fancy and click Accept.

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You'll have complete details of the order and a descriptive brief that helps you create content to the client's specifications. Use this as a guide throughout your writing process.

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Submit Your Content

When you're done, submit your content. Sometimes, clients will ask for a revision. In such case, you should revise and resubmit your content until the client is happy with it.

Step 4

Request for Payout

When the client is happy with the work, your content is accepted and your earnings go straight to your account. Request for a payout and you'll be promptly paid every week.

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  • Get paid between $6 - $25 for a 500 word article.
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More Than Just a Content Writing Platform

You are not just writers; you are our partners. We believe in creating opportunities for writers in the region because we understand the struggle. If you believe in making a change on the content writing landscape in the region, come join us and be a part of a great new community.

We're Asia-Focused

To create great content, companies need to go straight to the source. No one knows the region better than the locals, so we insist on getting only the most knowledgeable writers for the job.

We're Breaking Down Stereotypes

To create great content, companies need to go straight to the source. No one knows the region better than the locals, so we insist on getting only the most knowledgeable writers for the job.

We are an Equal Opportunity Platform

We happily accept writers from all over the world, with a focus on the Asian region. No outdated rules, and no passport copies or documentation needed – just take the content writing test upon sign-up, get approved, and you're ready to start writing.

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