1 Blog Post a Week for 12 Months (48 Total)

1 Blog Post a Week for 12 Months (48 Total)

from 1,209.00

Just started a new blog? Or perhaps reviving one? Accelerate your blog growth in half the time with 48 fresh and informative blog posts. 

48 Blog Posts | 300 words | $1209.00 (30% off!)
48 Blog Posts | 600 words | $2420.00 (30% off!)
48 Blog Posts | 1200 words | $4840.00 (30% off!)

What's Included:

  • 48 blog posts (that’s 1 blog post a week for a whole year!)

  • Content strategy consultation

  • Keyword research

  • Optimized SEO score: 70 (higher than average)

  • Optimized headline score: 65 (higher than average)

  • Optimized title tag, meta description, and H1/H2/etc tags

  • Topics spanning over 12 months or a schedule of your choice

Delivery: Minimum 30 business days or discuss a preferred delivery schedule with your content manager

Note: This is a packaged product. Choose the quantity "1" to receive everything in this package. Clicking "Place an Order" will prompt you to fill in an order form. You may review all orders in your cart before making any purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once I make payment, will I have the rights to the content?
    Yes, you will have full rights and ownership to the content. 
  2. Can I mix and match between languages? (e.g. Eng and BM)
    Yes, you may give us a detailed list in a spreadsheet and attach it to your order.

  3. Can I mix and match the length of the blog posts? (e.g. 600 and 1200)
    You may not do this in one order. You may, however, make separate orders for different blog post lengths.

  4. Do I have to provide the title/subject/theme for the blogs OR will you do it?
    You may provide your own titles in the order form if you prefer to have more control over the content. If you do not provide, we will run our own topic research.

  5. Will you do the research or should I provide some further materials?
    If you don't provide any further materials (e.g. a list of items for a listicle) in the order form, we will perform our own research. This may, however, produce more generic articles. If you prefer to have more control over the content, we recommend adding further instructions to the order form on what to include or exclude in the content.

  6. What if I want to order MORE than 1 blog post a week for [period of time]? 

    If you plan on publishing more than 1 blog post a week, you can:
    a. Increase the quantity of the order; OR
    b. Order a larger package

    The packages we have (e.g. “1 blog post a week for a whole year (48 total)”) is just a guideline to help you (and us) plan your content more efficiently. You may choose to order packages to scale with your publishing schedule in any way you like.

    For instance, you can order the package “1 blog post a week for a whole year (48 total)” to publish 2 blog posts a week for 6 months instead.

    Alternatively, you may discuss this with us in advance by contacting us.

  7. Who will write my content?
    Your content will be written by a professional blog post writer and proofread by a senior editor.
  8. How many revisions are allowed?
    Revisions are always free until you are happy with it.