SEO Copywriting

With thousands of websites vying for attention across the Internet, having a well-optimized site is crucial. Good SEO content writing helps search engines identify the subject of your pages, determines its relevancy to search queries and delivers them to visitors.

According to Neil Patel, the biggest challenge that businesses, bloggers, and content marketers face is crafting content that will appeal to both the target audience and to the search engines. Content written for 'readers' only and content written for ‘search engines’ only will not work. Today, effective copywriting is all about solving a specific (reader, customer, target audience, etc.) problem and fulfilling the basic requirements of the SEO. This is what the Copyblogger calls the 'modern SEO copywriting'.

What is SEO Copywriting?

In simplest form, it is the art of writing a copy that outperforms your competitor’s copy in the search results and ranks better while pleasing your readers. It is the modern type of copywriting that takes into account the SEO best practices such as keyword research, meta data, and other SEO factors.

SEO copywriting is a merger of SEO and content writing so the goal is to write copy that appeals to the readers and the search engines. This type of copy will rank better in search results, drive traffic, and will increase sales.

There are two goals of SEO copywriting:

  1. Persuade the readers (your customers, target audience, and the potential buyers).
  2. Rank better in search engines.

Benefits of SEO Copywriting

So how is SEO copywriting better than its counterparts, and why should you really care about it?

The 'reader' is the focus

A professional SEO copywriter keeps your business's target audience in mind while crafting the copy since it is specifically written to influence, appeal, and persuade the readers so your readers will love it.

Your target audience will not just like the content but they will read it, take the desired action, and will become your customers.

Better search engine ranking

The primary philosophy behind SEO copywriting is to rank better in search engine results. A copy that is optimized for search engines will rank higher in search results and will drive more clicks.

It gets noticed and read

An average internet user only reads 20 percent of the content on any given web page. An SEO copywriter will make sure that the most important points, the CTA, and the benefits stand out from the rest of the text.

This makes your content get all the attention and eyeballs that it needs.

Professionally written content

Research shows that as much as 74 percent of the web browsers take the spelling and grammar of the content seriously while 59 percent of the people will refrain from doing business with companies that made any grammatical or spelling mistakes on their website.

Needless to say, the SEO copywriters save you from losing customers due to poor grammar and obvious spelling mistakes.

Natural linkbuilding

A well-written copy compels the people to link to it and share it on social networks. This is one great benefit of SEO copywriting that is often overlooked. You do not just get search engine traffic but you keep getting natural backlinks that improve the ranking over time.

SEO Copywriting Examples

Here are a few best examples of SEO writing and SEO copywriting.

Appliances Online

Seo example 1

The Appliances Online updated its sales copy and product descriptions. The SEO copywriters did all the hard work that paid off. The sales increased by 9.5%.


Seo example 2

A nice example of a landing page that doesn’t just sell the product but it converts the product into an experience.

Seo example 3

A post from’s blog that is a true example of SEO copywriting. It uses SEO techniques and at the same time, it is engaging and keeps the readers hooked. It has subheadings, bullets, short paragraphs and authoritative links to keep readers engaged.


Seo example 4

Look at the content on the About Us page of the website. Simple, honest, and full of relevant keywords that looks natural.

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