Content Localization

Localized content connects people at the root of culture, language, and diversity

In asia, we don't ask 'how are you?'.
We ask 'have you eaten?'

Did you know that Malaysians can speak up to four languages in the same sentence and it's a perfectly acceptable practice in Malaysia?

Or that Asia has its own version of Valentine's Day and Black Friday?

Or that we celebrate three different New Year celebrations in one year?

Localized content connects people at the root of culture, language, and diversity. It's our way of connecting to those beyond our reach. Here's how we're utilizing localized content to reach our goals.

Unique, Asia-Based Content Calendar

We created our own unique content calendar specifically for Asia and use it heavily to plan and generate our ideas.

Native Speakers and Writers

We use the service of native speakers and writers from across Asia – many of whom speak more than one language.

Thousands of Content Writers in Asia

Because of our great relationship with writers, we’ve built a strong talent network of diverse, native and multilingual writers across Asia.

Localized content is the future

We believe localized content is the future of content. In fact, the more local you go, the greater the impact.

Marketers around the world are turning to content to market their business because it drives six times higher conversions than any other traditional forms of marketing.

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