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Search engine optimization is one part strategy and one part optimization; but for the most parts, it's all about content. We've been able to rank and optimize websites like yours because we pay attention to the simple art of making your content perform.

Hire Copywriters To Do My SEO? Does This Even Work?

Of course, it does. But to understand why it works, you first need to understand how the process works.

1. Clients (You)

Clients (like you) want to optimize their website or increase rankings, so they go to SEO companies or digital agencies to solve their problem.

2. SEO Companies or Digital Agencies

These companies strategize, plan, and tailor a solution to your problems. Then they pass on all the content work to in-house writers or outsource it.

3. SEO Copywriters

Content writers and copywriters do all the heavy lifting. They know how keywords work and how search engines read them. They then create the final copy for readers.

Why Hire Copywriters To Do My SEO?

1. Copywriters strike the best balance between humans and search engines

According to Neil Patel, the biggest challenge that businesses, bloggers, and content marketers face is crafting content that will appeal to both the target audience and the search engines.

And he's right – you can't choose one over the other.

Because effective SEO copywriting is all about solving a human need and then ensuring the content can be understood and found by search engines. This is what Copyblogger calls the 'modern SEO copywriting'.

2. A lot of copywriters know SEO, but not a lot of SEO people know how to write copy

Some SEO specialists may disagree but I'll explain why this statement is (in many cases) very true:

It's because a big part of SEO can be automated.

Content, on the other hand, cannot be automated. Sure, there are plenty of software and generators out there that claim to churn high-quality content (totally false) but you can’t fool an intelligent, articulate human reader. Do you really want to undermine your audience?

You Can Have Success With SEO Copywriting Too

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