we're looking for content writers in asia

Companies, especially multinationals, are expanding fast in the Asian region. To create a strong online presence, they capitalize on content to market their products or services. But audiences in Asia are unique, diverse and multilingual – writing for the Asian market is going to take a new class of writers.

The ideal content writer we're looking for

In the digital age, writers don't just write words; they are also teachers, designers, marketers and storytellers, all wrapped into one. Do you have the skills we need?

  • Has experience in creating SEO content and content marketing
  • Knows how to create compelling content that attracts attention and engagement
  • Knows to achieve specific goals with content (optimize and rank, increase time on page, reduce bounce rate, etc.)
  • Is multilingual, ideally in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Japanese and Korean
  • Has perfect spelling and grammar (native US/UK level)

Does this sound like you?