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In the digital age, writers don't just write words; they are also designers, marketers, and storytellers - all wrapped into one.

Do you have the skills we need?

  • Experience in creating SEO content and content marketing
  • Knows how to create compelling content that attracts attention and engagement
  • Knows to achieve specific goals with content (optimize and rank, increase time on page, reduce bounce rate, etc.)
  • Is multilingual, ideally in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese Traditional/Simplified, and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Good spelling and grammar (native US/UK level)

Write for Us

Companies, especially multinationals, are expanding fast in the Asian region. To create a strong online presence, they capitalize on content to market their products or services.
But audiences in Asia are unique, diverse, and multilingual – writing for the Asian market is going to take a new class of writers.

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Content Writing Articles & Guides

Before sending that application, here are some content writing guides and resources we recommend you to read.

How to Apply


1. Go to

This will take you our content writing application page.

2. Fill up your details and take our content writing test

Leave your name and email and start the application process. Ensure you have 10 to 15 minutes to complete the short writing test.

3. That's It!

If you are accepted, we'll get in touch with you within 14 days. You will automatically be able to log in to the platform with your details to take on writing assignments.

Note: All successful applications will receive a starter US$5.00 in their account. If you do not hear from us within 14 days, your application was not successful. You may try again.