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Writers all want to earn more. Our time is valuable. We don’t want to become a mindless robot, pumping out articles for low pay, without any end in sight. Which means you shouldn’t just bill yourself as a general writer.

The Ultimate Keyword Guide: Checklist Included!

For those who are new to online writing, you may have heard of the term “keyword” being thrown around within the content writing circles. Keywords are not new, nor should they be taken lightly, for every piece of content you produce – especially ones that are made for online publishing – should be carefully crafted using keywords.

How to Multiply Your Content Ideas To Last You An Entire Year (Takes Only 15 Minutes!)

Here’s a common problem a lot of writers face. You open your writing program, look at the blank page, and have no idea what to do.

You might be stuck and unsure what your audience ...

5 Amazing Tools To Help You Create Engaging Headlines

It’s hard to come up with engaging headlines that make your readers yearning to read your articles. Check out these fantastic tools to help you come up with headlines you’ll love.

How We Helped This Malaysian Startup Rank #1 on Google With Content

Don’t get us wrong – this is not going to be one of those clear-cut success stories. But it is a great example of what can be achieved when you do web content writing right.

Making It Happen: 5 Tips to Overcome Big Content Marketing Challenges in Asia

Generalizing your marketing materials is a sin. To overcome some of the biggest marketing challenges in Asia, you need to know what the consumers prefer and what they don’t. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Organic vs. Paid Marketing: Which gives better ROI for your business?

Discover the pros and cons of organic and paid marketing, and find out which marketing strategy is the most suitable for your business.

How you can leverage digital content marketing for Malaysia

Find out how you can leverage digital content marketing and why you should do it to conquer your target market in Malaysia.

10 Free Keyword Research Tools for Small Businesses

A keyword research tool plays a very important role in improving the online presence of your business by finding the best keywords for SEO.

Top 5 Fundamental Heart-Winning Content for Malaysians

Now more than ever, digital content has become an important aspect of marketing. As content marketers in Malaysia, you need to know what type of content can capture the heart of Malaysian readers.

5 Takeaways for Content Marketers in the Time of COVID-19

As almost all of the retailers and physical stores around the world were shut down during the pandemic, businesses now have to focus on good quality "content" to reach out to both new and existing customers.