What is HotCopy's Performance Guarantee?

HotCopy Asia operates on our one-of-a-kind Performance Guarantee* based on:

(Results of SEO audit report x Commitment Period x Size/Volume) / Goals/Objectives

Our services are packaged to achieve an MVP (Minimum Viable Performance) based on the results of your free SEO audit. However, the length and breadth of the success of your website's SEO and content marketing depend on these factors:

  • Your project goals and objectives
  • The length of your commitment period
  • The size and volume of your chosen services

SEO and content services are extremely labor-intensive and require time for results to surface. Fortunately, you can control the overall success of your projects by choosing a: 

  • longer commitment period, or;
  • opting for higher-volume services
  • purchasing optional booster packages

With our packages, the more you invest, the better the results.

do you create content in multiple languages?

At the moment, we only create content in English and Bahasa Malaysia. To maintain quality, we do not do translations between the two. One content in  two different languages is treated as two pieces of content.

I want to ask for a revision. How does this work?

Clients can request for a revision within:

  1. 7 business days of FULL submission of the order; OR
  2. 7 business days within each batch submission (if you had agreed to receive the content in batches)

Such revision requests should come with feedback on what you want changed.

We cannot and will not make revisions if we do not receive a revision request with feedback within 7 business days. After such period, the order will be considered as complete and fulfilled. Revisions are always free.

My industry is unique. can you create content for specific niches?

So far, we've been able to cater to many different niches without any problems, including:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sports & Gaming
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Home & Interiors
  • Family & Parenting
  • Education
  • Travel
  • and more

If you have a more specific niche, please contact us.

Can I order just a single/one piece of content?

Unfortunately no, because we want to make the content work and perform for you. We’ve designed our content packages to not only suit the needs of businesses and agencies, but to also maximize the content’s efficiency, relevance, volume, and value. If you’d like to create custom packages or bundles, contact us.

What are your delivery schedules like?

We have set the delivery times at the lowest minimum number of business days it may take to deliver the content. This is to make room for revisions (if any) or if you prefer to receive the content in batches over a period of time. Actual delivery time may be longer than stipulated. Delivery time is different for each package and is set according to volume. We recommend you to read the details of each package to know the delivery schedules for each one.

We believe that quality work takes time. Please allow us the minimum number of delivery days to complete your order.